Coming Soon: VA to Z Course
Take the Guesswork Out Of Outsourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide To Hiring And Working With Your Next World-Class Virtual Assistant (VA)

Hey fellow entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers!


Are you feeling stuck trying to do it all yourself?


Do you find for every 1 thing you get done, 10 new things come up?


If so, the upcoming VA to Z course maybe just the solution you’ve been looking for.


If you want very practical, step-by-step, personalized training, encouragement, and help for your unique situation, then be sure to sign up to get notified when the 4-week (although we might extend to 8 week for those who want) live course registration opens up.


I’ll be answering all your questions on actual cost, tools to use, where to hire, what to avoid, and how to actually create effective tasks lists for your virtual assistant.


I look forward to having you join us!


BONUS: You’ll even be interacting with my actual virtual assistant team and can ask them specific questions of what it’s like on the other end and how we as business owners can be more effective at working with virtual assistants. 


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Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Get Back to Building Your Dream

A step by step, headache-free process for finding and hiring a high-class, virtual assistant in a lot less time that you may have thought possible.

Stop wasting time with tedious, repetitive tasks: Your assistant will be happy to take them off your plate

Focus on what you do best in your business and train an assistant to do the rest

Think you don’t have time to train a virtual assistant? In reality, you don’t have time NOT to train one!

Remove the fear and confusion on how to find reliable and trustworthy candidates.

Being a business owner is supposed to be freeing: Get help with the time consuming tasks that are bogging you down and preventing you from spending time doing what you love

Learn the secret that every 6-figure business owner knows: How to delegate tasks you aren’t suited for and give them to someone who is

This in-person, live, multi-week class will give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions, interact with the instructor and his team of VAs, as well as get full-access to all recordings of each session.

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Finally Get That Idea Off The Ground

It's time. Let this be the year you finally take action. No more excuses.

Start Gaining More Time Back Each Week

You'll learn how to effectively delegate tasks to your virtual assistant, freeing up your time to focus on the important things that will grow your business.

Reduce Some Of That Stress

The VA to Z Course will show you how to work more efficiently with your virtual assistant, so you can worry less and get more done.

Learn WHAT To Delegate

Not sure what exactly you can hand-off to a VA? Discover a proven process where one of your VAs first assignments is to create a list of valuable tasks they can be jump on right away.

Increase Your Productivity

By learning the best practices for working with a virtual assistant, you'll be able to increase your productivity and accomplish more each day.

Scale Your Business

Learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to your virtual assistant, allowing you to grow your business without burning out.

Access Top Talent

You'll discover the best practices for finding, hiring, and working with world-class virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Save A Lot Of Money

Find world-class help for a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional "employee".

Get Proven Guidance

You'll not only hear from someone who has been successfully working with VAs for over a decade but also from the VAs themselves, giving you clear insight on what really makes a good VA relationship work.

Overcome Procrastination - Get 'Er Done!

The VA to Z Course will teach you how to effectively delegate tasks to your virtual assistant, so you can finally tackle that project that's been sitting on the back burner.